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Unfortunately, this book is out of print. Besides, it was a commission, so I don't get any royalties anyway. But you can get copies from the amazon.com market place:


The world's largest land carnivore is officially classified as a marine mammal. But it can only survive on the sea ice of the Arctic. This is its story.
The inside story of the campaign against commercial whaling, as told by the leader of four Greenpeace voyages to confront the Antarctic whaling fleet.
The story of how the Arctic and Antarctic have influenced, and in turn been affected by, human history.
A photographic history of Greenpeace, with introductory text by me, and a foreword by the Dalai Lama.

Witness: Twenty-Five Years on the Environmental Front Line

Greenpeace commissioned me to write this book in 1996, for the organization's twenty-fifth anniversary. The book is essentially a coffee-table book of images from a quarter-century of Greenpeace campaigning. It isn't all death and destruction, but also includes some powerful and inspiring photographs. My contribution is an essay over the first 30 pages or so.