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I'm sad today.
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Fun with Skype

I interviewed WBA heavyweight titlist David Haye for ESPN the other day. We had planned to do the interview over the phone, but David's IT guy Jonathan Lee suggested we try it over Skype. So we did; I recorded the video with VodBurner, and culled an 8 minute excerpt for ESPN. The quality is so-so, as you would expect, and at one point the feed drops.Personally I didn't think it was good enough for ESPN, but my editor was happy with it as a first effort. With increased bandwidth and more experience, we can hopefully improve the quality in future.

I also wrote what is ostensibly a blog post but is really more of a short feature article, which you can read here Read More 
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Gulf + 1

A year ago, the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded and caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico. Two days later it sank, rupturing the riser pipe from the wellhead and ultimately resulting in 185 million gallons of oil entering the Gulf of Mexico.

Last year, I coordinated a Greenpeace fact-finding trip and research cruise to the Gulf ; one year on, I've written a short report for the same organization that details some of the horrors, and the attempts to avoid accountability, during and since the accident. Read More 
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New Guilty Pleasure

Courtesy of a Facebook friend, came across this website yesterday. While the veracity of at least some of the communications is suspect, the site diverted me from real work for much of the day. "Missing Missy" is a gem.  Read More 
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A couple more reviews, and some thoughts they prompt

Reviews of The Great White Bear still trickle in, including two recent blogs. This one, on a blog called Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears, took a straightforward approach, and focused on the remarkable nature of polar bears - which is great, as that is what I had wanted more than anything to convey. Read More 
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Looking Ahead

Mark this as a day in history - out of the blue, I do believe I have suddenly decided what my next book should be about. There's a clue in this post somewhere, but in the meantime, I need to knuckle down and write something for my agent ... :)
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Another Interview

Forgot to post this earlier. Here's a fun interview about polar bears and "The Great White Bear" from the Grok Science Show.
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