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I try to leave as small and shallow a footprint as possible. I have a vehicle, but it lives its life as a driveway ornament; 13 years after I bought it, it still has under 34,000 miles on the clock. I walk and take mass transit whenever possible. I don't eat meat. I recycle. I avoid plastic packaging and bags as much as I can.

But there are two areas in which I fail dismally. I fly way too much - I'm already at close to 50,000 miles for the year. And my consumption of electronic goods is appalling. In particular, I just rip through laptops: for reasons that are unclear to me, perhaps because I simply beat the holy snot out of them, my laptops tend to last, on average, maybe two years.

Now I am setting up my latest. This time I am going the Ultrabook route. I am hoping it lasts at least through 2014. Read More 
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Alaska, again

Loni and JoeDog watching the local wildlife out the living room window ...

Back in Alexandria after another spell in Alaska. Not the cheapest thing in the world, flying to the 49th state and back all the time. But in a way, it's priceless.
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