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More HBO Boxing

For six or so years I inflicted more-or-less weekly soliloquies on the world in the form of my ESPN 'Heavy Hitting Boxing Podcast.' All but a very few of the two hundred-plus episodes involved me pontificating at length on pugilistic matters, staring into space as I rambled into my Blue Snowball microphone.

After a while, it became a little tedious, and to be honest I felt increasingly uncomfortable with the format, which by its nature conferred on me an authority I felt I lacked. Around the time I began investigating the possibility of shaking that format up, ESPN pulled the plug on the podcast anyway. But I was not podcast-free for long; I now record one for HBO Boxing, with my friend and colleague Eric Raskin, and I have to say that Eric's mere presence makes the product a hundred times better than my solitary efforts for ESPN. Here's an example of what we do, in the form of our latest episode: an interview with the always excellent Jim Lampley.

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Six Days in the Dome

It would be an understatement to say that my friend Stephanie likes to run. It would be overstating the case to claim that she lives to run. The truth would be somewhere in between, as it is for a lot of runners. It isn't so much that running becomes a part of life, but more that it becomes something of an organizing principle of life. As it is for casual runners, so it is even more for ultra-runners, the small minority who will rip off a 10K for fun before spending six days running around an indoor track in Alaska. Those were the people who took part in Six Days in the Dome, an event to which Stephanie alerted me and which I knew instantly I needed to cover. The result was this piece for ESPN , which is accompanied by a terrific photo gallery by Jeffrey Genova. Read More 
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