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My Tombstone article was published last weekend in the Washington Post Magazine. Great to see it come to fruition, although I feel as if I could yet write a great deal more - and perhaps will, for that matter.

Readers' responses sent to the Washington Post have run the gamut: from "how can you glorify such despicable people [the Earps and the cowboys, not today's Tombstone residents] and such gun violence?" to "I think you missed important pieces of information," to "Thank you, what a great article."

Most important to me, however, has been the response from those who matter the most: the people in Tombstone who helped me so much with the story - and who have thanked me for "getting" the town in a way so few people do. That means a great deal. Read More 
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Single. Again.

You'd think I'd be getting used to this by now ...
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For all my harrumphing and sighing and self-flagellating over my footprint and accumulation of electronics, I've added another device to the family. My phones seem to last no longer than my laptops, but I reckon this one, which is an absolutely beauty, should be around for a while yet.
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It has been two years since I completed my last book, and the creative itch needs scratching. I've been busy doing the kind of work I need to do to fill the coffers, the urgent nudging aside the important, but after much consideration and contemplation, feel like I'm down to two or three possible titles, each quite different from the other. certain events not entirely in my control will help dictate which one falls into place, but I strongly suspect that, one way or the other, this time next year I will be hard at work on my next full-length title. Read More 
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New Look

Figured it was time to redecorate around here again. Going for a slightly more serious, dignified look this time around. I think this is version 3.0. Come in, relax, make yourself at home. Don't put your feet on the coffee table, though, please.
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