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Being a freelancer carries with it certain freedoms and certain restrictions. The freedoms, of course, include the ability to work at home, to pick your own hours, to dress as you want and to avoid offices or cubicles. The restrictions include the fact that those hours almost invariably are longer than those worked in more 'regular' jobs - and, most of all, there is the uncertainty. The unpredictable frequency of employment, the inconsistency of payment. Read More 
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saving a whale

Kids, do NOT try this at home. But do enjoy this fantastic video of saving a humpback whale that had become seemingly hopelessly entangled in fishing gear. I love the emotion at the end - from both whale and humans.
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This has to be a joke, right? An extraordinarily bad joke, but a joke nonetheless. Otherwise, this is simultaneously the most offensive and hilariously inept campaign commercial I've ever seen. Seriously, it's like an SNL/Andy Samberg parody of an extraordinarily bad and offensive campaign commercial. Of course, the makers' intent may just have been to get as many eyeballs as they possibly could, knowing full well that it was dreadful, and dreadfully over-the-top, just as a way of bringing public attention to the issue they espouse. In which case, maybe they're geniuses. Kinda doubt it, though.

The video is not safe for work, minors, or anyone with half a brain.

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this is boxing

This video is played before the main event at every Top Rank card these days. It's ten kinds of awesome.

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ice bears, again

For reasons that are unclear to me, there has been a sudden resurgence in media interest in my book. Rather than analyze this endlessly, I'm just happy to go along for the ride. Here's one I did recently, on the Relevant Radio Network, which I especially enjoyed. I was particularly grateful that the host, Sean Herriott, very kindly and unexpectedly asked me about my parents at the very end. My segment begins at about 29:50. Read More 
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Earning America Points

Memorial Day was hot, the sun was punishing. Kieran, being an idiot, wore jeans. Saba, not being an idiot, wore a dress.

Kieran and Saba went to Mt. Vernon - the perfect destination for Memorial Day. Not feeling like driving (Kieran rarely feels like driving), Kieran proposed taking a cruise up the river and back, which made for a longer day but a more leisurely and enjoyable experience.  Read More 
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