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Two nieces. Two brothers. The memories of two parents. There are some things money can buy. Days like today are priceless.
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Decided to give the site a new look. It's been two years since version 2.0. Time for 3.0. Hope you like.
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Heading Home

I'm heading back to the UK tomorrow for what I imagine will be the last Christmas I spend at the house in which I grew up. It's a strange feeling and an emotional sensation, and I suspect it will be a difficult few weeks.  Read More 
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Feeling Real

Just returned from Las Vegas - and quite possibly the best fight of the year - to a cold and rainy Washington DC. But there, on the doorstep, and just about sheltered from the elements, was a padded envelope containing three advance copies of "The Great White Bear." After all this time, it's actually a real book. Feels great, if slightly surreal, to hold it in my hand. UK publication date is January 6; in the US, it's January 12. Read More 
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Housekeeping and Las Vegas

Made a couple of small changes around here. I've dropped my full CV from the site; it was hard to maintain and seemed somewhat unnecessary for this forum, frankly. And I also dropped the newsletter page; great idea when this first began, but I haven't updated it since 2005 and anyway, doesn't this blog now fill the function that the newsletter was intended to? Read More 
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