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The First Batch of Radio Interviews

1/30, 6:30am EASTERN, WIP-AM Philadelphia PA, 30 min, Live, with Conversations with Peter Solomon

1/31, 9:30am EASTERN, WDEV-AM & FM Burlington VT, 20 min, Live, with Mark Johnson Show

1/31, 10:10am EASTERN, WLW-AM Cincinnati Ohio, 10 min, Taped, with The Jim Scott Show

2/1, 11:05am EASTERN, WHO-AM Des Moines Iowa, 30 min, Live, with Jan Mickelson Show

2/2, 2:30pm EASTERN, WKAZ-FM Charleston WV, 10 min, Taped, with Morning Show

2/3, 9:10am EASTERN, WIMT-FM Lima OH, 10 min, Taped, with 2 Guys and a Girl

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Kieran's Virtual Media Tour

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Once upon a time, in a pre-recessionary era, a lucky author might have been fortunate to travel to a few locations on a book tour. Those days are over for all but the biggest sellers - and to be honest, having suffered through a couple of book signings to which nobody, but nobody, showed up, I'm not so sure that's an altogether bad thing. My media tour for The Great White Bear begins this weekend, and with the exception of one trip to Massachusetts, I'll be able to cover the country without ever slipping out of my PJs.

I'll be doing a series of radio interviews, coast-to-coast, during weekday mornings. I'll post details here as they all come together. Many thanks to the always wonderful Taryn Roeder at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for making it all happen.

Meanwhile, moves are afoot in terms of my establishing some ongoing work for at least six months, and hopefully longer. Sounds like an exciting project of which I am proud to be a part. More news as it unfolds. Stay tuned: same bat time, same bat channel ... Read More 
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The Animal House

You can now listen to my first US radio interview about The Great White Bear, on WAMU's The Animal House, by clicking on this link
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I came back from England late at night on Friday the 7th., spent the weekend unpacking and generally re-centering myself, and then Monday morning woke up with the worst cold. Stuffy and coughy, muscles aching ...

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Cometh the hour ...

I have been deeply moved by the recent events in Arizona, and was especially so by President Obama's speech last night, which struck the very tone that many needed to strike, but so few have attempted to.
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It's official!!!

The book is now officially, well, official. "Ice Bear," as it is called in the UK, was officially released today, and to mark the occasion I was interviewed for the best part of 30 minutes by Phil Williams, guest host of the Richard Bacon Programme on BBC Radio 5 Live. Many thanks to Phil and the crew for the interview, and to the excellent Emma Mitchell of Random House for setting it up. Back to the US tomorrow; "The Great White Bear" is officially released on the western side of the pond on January 12. Read More 
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Publication Week, Part One

"Ice Bear" is officially released in the UK on January 6, three days from now. After a final couple of days of rest and relaxation here in Weston-super-Mare, I'll travel to London on Wednesday for a couple of nights. I have at least one interview set up, on BBC Radio Five Live on Thursday afternoon, and then on Friday, it's back to the States in time for publication week of the US version, "The Great White Bear." Read More 
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