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Buggy One

Back out on the tundra, on Buggy One, watching as scientists in collaboration with Polar Bears International speak with schools and other supporters from Kentucky to Oregon. It's fascinating and impressive that we are able to communicate live from the tundra,  Read More 
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It's finally snowing. It started snowing last night: big, soft, beautiful flakes. It snowed through the night and into the morning. Churchill is transformed. erfect condition for heading out to Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point this afternoon.
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It is, relatively speaking, warm in Churchill, and the bears are, relatively speaking, few and far between. The past couple of days, the lack of snow combined with a fierce, howling wind to force the bears to seek cover in the seclusion of the willows. Read More 
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Winnipeg Railway Station

My reservation stated that the train left at 8.13 PM and arrived at 8.30AM on Saturday, which, apart from the fact that in fact leaves at 7.20PM and arrives at 11.15 AM on Saturday, was almost entirely accurate.

Fortunately, the ticket agent corrected me, checked my large backpack and tucked my carry-on behind the ticket counter, and I went on my way to pass the time for a few hours.
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The Blog Begins

With thanks to the good people at The Authors Guild, we're up and running with a blog. I'll be stopping by to update on a periodic basis; feel free to leave comments and criticism (but hopefully not criticism) as the mood takes you.

It has been, frankly, a tough few months, with my father's illness and death, and it has affected me more deeply than I could have imagined.  Read More 
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