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Explanation Without End

This interview should be required listening for researchers and campaigners who are ever called to discuss or "debate" climate change in front of a hostile audience or on skeptic-populated airwaves. Indeed, it is an ideal template for anyone required to explain a contentious issue in a less than sympathetic environment. Read More 
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Today, my Mother's ashes were committed to the sea, in the same patch of water to which my father's ashes were surrendered two years ago.

And thus, finally, ends a long journey, a life lived well and lived long.

With much love and my eternal gratitude,
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I live two lives. I am a writer in both, but in the dominant life, I write about science and the environment, while in the secondary, part-time life, I write about sports, and specifically boxing.

However, more people know me for my boxing work than for my environmental writing; such is the relative popularity of sports and polar bears. And so some who know me only for the former might be surprised by the latter. I get that. Even so, I wasn't expecting the following communication, submitted via this website:
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on being calm at the center of the storm

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The news that President Barack Obama gave the order to kill Osama bin Laden on Friday April 29 really highlights the extent to which a president needs to have an almost superhuman ability to multitask and develop an ironclad poker face. There he was last week, dealing with Trump's birther nonsense and even, on Saturday night, the final night of bin Laden's life, smiling and hinting at nothing as Seth Meyers joked about the al-Qaida leader's whereabouts during the White House Correspondents' Association dinner - all the while knowing what was about to unfold.

Personally, I'd have been texting and Tweeting uncontrollably: "OMG. Abt 2 kill OBL. So excited. LOL"

Reason # 4,768 why I'm not president.

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