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Sigur Ros

I know. It's been far too long. It has been an overwhelming couple of months. A lot of travel, including to Iceland, a place to which I already long to return. An oddly hypnotic, haunting land, the kind of place where i could easily see myself shipping up for a long time. There was something strangely powerful about, of all things, my cab ride to the airport, with the barren volcanic ground separating the road from the sea and the very visceral sense that here, indeed, one is on the edge, at the boundary between land and sea, a remote outpost in the middle of the North Atlantic.

I discovered, also, some Icelandic music. Everyone knows Bjork, of course. But then there is Sigur Ros. Sigur Ros may create the most extraordinarily beautiful music known to humanity, music that is so reflective of the land from which they come. By way of evidence, I present "Von." Read More 
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