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Alaska has always been my happy place. The seven years I lived there were without question the most enjoyable of my life. From the moment I first visited in 1998, I knew I wanted to move there; and once I moved there, I wanted to stay forever.
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Nostalgia corner

For no reason other than just because.
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Japanese tsunami breaks Antarctica

In yet another illustration of the immense power of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Japan, researchers have announced that it even broke icebergs off an ice shelf in Antarctica, more than 8,000 miles away. Here's a blog I wrote for Discovery News , and the NASA video below is brief but fascinating viewing:
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England, August 8 2011

I am without speech.
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Alaska, ho!

When in a sad place, go to your happy place. My happy place is Alaska, where I lived for seven years - probably, almost certainly even, the happiest years of my life. This past weekend, fueled by whiskey and self-pity, I happened upon a spontaneous plan, and booked a ticket to the Last Frontier to see my closest friends. Last time I ran away to Alaska, I stayed for seven years. This time I'll be gone for ten days. Probably. Read More 
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Polar bears and EarthSky

I was very happy to be interviewed by EarthSky about polar bears and The Great White Bear. The article derived from the interview is here.

And here is a 90 second podcast:


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