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Polar bears and EarthSky

I was very happy to be interviewed by EarthSky about polar bears and The Great White Bear. The article derived from the interview is here.

And here is a 90 second podcast:


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ice bears, again

For reasons that are unclear to me, there has been a sudden resurgence in media interest in my book. Rather than analyze this endlessly, I'm just happy to go along for the ride. Here's one I did recently, on the Relevant Radio Network, which I especially enjoyed. I was particularly grateful that the host, Sean Herriott, very kindly and unexpectedly asked me about my parents at the very end. My segment begins at about 29:50. Read More 
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A couple more reviews, and some thoughts they prompt

Reviews of The Great White Bear still trickle in, including two recent blogs. This one, on a blog called Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears, took a straightforward approach, and focused on the remarkable nature of polar bears - which is great, as that is what I had wanted more than anything to convey. Read More 
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Another Interview

Forgot to post this earlier. Here's a fun interview about polar bears and "The Great White Bear" from the Grok Science Show.
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Adventures in Climate Change

Many thanks indeed to Lori Wark, who runs the excellent blog Adventures in Climate Change for this interview with me about polar bears and The Great White BearRead More 
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Extreme Polar Bear Close Ups

It isn't easy, studying polar bears in the wild. They live in inhospitable environs and travel thousands of miles a year. Approaching closely is to be discouraged on the grounds that they are extremely large carnivores with powerful paws and sharp teeth. But John Downer and his technical wizard Geoff Bell have found a way to get up close and personal, without getting up close and personal.

With cameras that can be operated remotely or set to activate when they detect movement, and which can be disguised as snow drifts or icebergs, they have been able to capture polar bears in their natural environment the way nobody else has done before. Their show, Spy on the Ice aired on the BBC in Britain at the tail end of 2010, and here in the US on Animal Planet yesterday.  Read More 
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It's official!!!

The book is now officially, well, official. "Ice Bear," as it is called in the UK, was officially released today, and to mark the occasion I was interviewed for the best part of 30 minutes by Phil Williams, guest host of the Richard Bacon Programme on BBC Radio 5 Live. Many thanks to Phil and the crew for the interview, and to the excellent Emma Mitchell of Random House for setting it up. Back to the US tomorrow; "The Great White Bear" is officially released on the western side of the pond on January 12. Read More 
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Publication Week, Part One

"Ice Bear" is officially released in the UK on January 6, three days from now. After a final couple of days of rest and relaxation here in Weston-super-Mare, I'll travel to London on Wednesday for a couple of nights. I have at least one interview set up, on BBC Radio Five Live on Thursday afternoon, and then on Friday, it's back to the States in time for publication week of the US version, "The Great White Bear." Read More 
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Heading Home

I'm heading back to the UK tomorrow for what I imagine will be the last Christmas I spend at the house in which I grew up. It's a strange feeling and an emotional sensation, and I suspect it will be a difficult few weeks.  Read More 
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Feeling Real

Just returned from Las Vegas - and quite possibly the best fight of the year - to a cold and rainy Washington DC. But there, on the doorstep, and just about sheltered from the elements, was a padded envelope containing three advance copies of "The Great White Bear." After all this time, it's actually a real book. Feels great, if slightly surreal, to hold it in my hand. UK publication date is January 6; in the US, it's January 12. Read More 
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