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It Was One Year Ago Today

This time last year, I was in the middle of a two-day train journey from Winnipeg to Churchill, as part of my great polar bear adventure. It's amazing how rapidly time flies. Alas, I couldn't get it together to return to Churchill this year, but I have every intention of doing so in 2010. By then, all being well, my book will be published; my deadline is November 9, so I'd better get back to it. Read More 
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Back in Virginia after an incredible few days on the Tundra Buggy Lodge. Where even to begin? The bears sparring? The mom and cubs? Watching the way one of the cubs interacted with a subadult male?  Read More 
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Buggy One

Back out on the tundra, on Buggy One, watching as scientists in collaboration with Polar Bears International speak with schools and other supporters from Kentucky to Oregon. It's fascinating and impressive that we are able to communicate live from the tundra,  Read More 
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It's finally snowing. It started snowing last night: big, soft, beautiful flakes. It snowed through the night and into the morning. Churchill is transformed. erfect condition for heading out to Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point this afternoon.
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It is, relatively speaking, warm in Churchill, and the bears are, relatively speaking, few and far between. The past couple of days, the lack of snow combined with a fierce, howling wind to force the bears to seek cover in the seclusion of the willows. Read More 
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