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Housekeeping and Las Vegas

Made a couple of small changes around here. I've dropped my full CV from the site; it was hard to maintain and seemed somewhat unnecessary for this forum, frankly. And I also dropped the newsletter page; great idea when this first began, but I haven't updated it since 2005 and anyway, doesn't this blog now fill the function that the newsletter was intended to? That is to say, isn't the blog the part of the website I now fail up to update regularly.

I'm off to Las Vegas on Wednesday for the 3,786th time* in my life. Amir Khan, a promising young champion from the UK, makes his Las Vegas debut. Managed to spend some time with him in Dallas the other month; as well as being a solid fighter, he's a personable, articulate young man. I'll be covering the fight, as ever, for ESPN.com, HBO.com, and Reuters.

*Possibly not the actual number of times I have been to Las Vegas.
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