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I came back from England late at night on Friday the 7th., spent the weekend unpacking and generally re-centering myself, and then Monday morning woke up with the worst cold. Stuffy and coughy, muscles aching ...

It knocked me pretty much out of action for most of the week, but I was at least able to drag myself into town to record an interview about The Great White Bear on WAMU's The Animal House. It was a fun interview, which will be broadcast on the 22nd and will live forever in podcast form, to which I will post a link once it is up.

The bulk of my media interviews for the book will be the week after next, one drive-time radio show after another. Hopefully, that will help drive up sales.

It feels a bit strange, almost anti-climactic in fact. For so long, I was focused on writing the book and then awaiting its publication; now I have copies scattered hither and yon about the house, and am waiting for the reviews to trickle in. And now, suddenly, I am faced with the prospect of needing to figure out what comes next.

I am hoping to begin writing some more articles for the Washington Post Magazine, but those are long-term projects. I have a few other germinating book ideas, but nothing concrete yet.

I am, however, hopeful that I will soon have the opportunity to begin work on one of two long-term projects that have presented themselves. I very much hope that I will soon be able to figure out which one is the better for me, so that I can kick start the next phase - and, candidly, beginning earning some regular income, at least for a while.
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