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I live two lives. I am a writer in both, but in the dominant life, I write about science and the environment, while in the secondary, part-time life, I write about sports, and specifically boxing.

However, more people know me for my boxing work than for my environmental writing; such is the relative popularity of sports and polar bears. And so some who know me only for the former might be surprised by the latter. I get that. Even so, I wasn't expecting the following communication, submitted via this website:

It appears you are diehard democrat.....Hey, That's your choice but keep in mind that blogging this stuff on your website does not do you any justice for your ESPN job. Why? Politics is a nasty dual "crooked" party outfit and does not mix with all sports fans.......You ever notice on NBC, none of the news anchors can donate money to political parties in retrospect of their jobs.....Repubs and dems both watch NBC. Well, I think in my opinion that your democratic views could personally offend me and I may stop reviewing your ESPN fight blogs since I feel your political views outside your ESPN job has tainted my thoughts of you in relation to your ESPN job I enjoy viewing during fight nights. I am going to contact ESPN personally with a hand written letter and express my concerns over this. No offense...I am a ESPN viewer and I want to be sure no policies or standards could be in jeopardy with sports fans who are ESPN viewers that may be republicans or independents......Touchy subject.....

Where to begin?

First of all, you'll note the e-mail's author isn't complaining about any political bias in my boxing writing - and nor could s/he, as there isn't any, of course. In fact, despite knowing my boxing work, he or she was completely unaware of my political views until coming here, to my personal website.

Do I think it's unreasonable that this person's view of me might be affected by the realization that I hold views that are fundamentally different to their own? Not at all. It's human nature.

What I do find unreasonable - barely comprehensible, in fact - is the assertion that, because I spend some of my time writing about sports, I should somehow be precluded from expressing those views. This is someone who is so incredibly uncomfortable with any opinion or worldview that runs counter to their own that they seek to banish its expression. If I were using my boxing chats to promulgate cap-and-trade legislation, that would be one thing. But I am not.

The thing is, the only obviously "political" views expressed even on this site are (a) I like polar bears; (b) climate change is a serious issue - a scientific, not political, position; (c) "birthers" are idiots; and (d) taking out Osama bin Laden was one ballsy move.

Oh, and I'm not a Democrat.

The NBC News analogy is hardly appropriate, of course; I'm not a news reporter or anchor. I'm an environmental writer who also covers boxing. I shall continue to espouse my views, on my website and in my writings, loudly and proudly, while at no point allowing them to contaminate my boxing world. Feel free to write to ESPN, sir or madam; trust me, it will make no difference, to me or to them.

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