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More HBO Boxing

For six or so years I inflicted more-or-less weekly soliloquies on the world in the form of my ESPN 'Heavy Hitting Boxing Podcast.' All but a very few of the two hundred-plus episodes involved me pontificating at length on pugilistic matters, staring into space as I rambled into my Blue Snowball microphone.

After a while, it became a little tedious, and to be honest I felt increasingly uncomfortable with the format, which by its nature conferred on me an authority I felt I lacked. Around the time I began investigating the possibility of shaking that format up, ESPN pulled the plug on the podcast anyway. But I was not podcast-free for long; I now record one for HBO Boxing, with my friend and colleague Eric Raskin, and I have to say that Eric's mere presence makes the product a hundred times better than my solitary efforts for ESPN. Here's an example of what we do, in the form of our latest episode: an interview with the always excellent Jim Lampley.

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