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the joy of home

I have been home for a week and a bit. I will be home for another two weeks, plus a few days, before resuming my travels. I love being home. I wish I were here more often, but I am also cognizant that whining about repeated traveling is rarely well received - particularly when travels involve (as do mine) the likes of Alaska, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Tombstone. But the spell at home will provide a break - not from work exactly, but from chasing my tail. I can clean the house, mow the yard, get my car fixed, and work on some of those things that are important without necessarily being urgent: transcribing interviews, writing book proposals, and preparing for my next consultancy gig.

Travel begins anew on April 30, with another fight week in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, I think I'll eat some lunch, tidy the house, and then workout.
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