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Live from Macau

ESPN's Bernardo Osuna and I doing our thing for the cameras at the aforementioned Pacquiao-Rios bout in Macau. Yes, Bernardo is wearing a suit, and I am wearing an unbuttoned jacket and jeans. This is because Bernardo is a TV professional. And I ... am not.

As for the Macau experience itself: with the benefit of having shed the jetlag, it was a positive one. Neither I nor many (if any) of the US-based colleagues who made the trip ever fully shook off the effects of travel during the week or so we were there; and, as noted in the post below, inside the property itself, the ambiance was Las Vegas on steroids - albeit with a somewhat different clientele. But the crowd was appreciative, the fight day atmosphere was festive, and unusually for such events I had the opportunity to explore the area a little. This may be but the first big-time venture in the region, as I explained in this piece I wrote for ESPN.com.
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