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The Particular Joys of Being a Freelancer

There are times, I will admit, when I think that maybe I should finally bite the bullet and just get myself a job.

Among the many particular challenges of being a freelancer is being paid. Not that I have ever been stiffed by someone for whom I did work - OK, I have been once, by a magazine that folded while owing me and many others money - but getting the money I am owed into my hands when I need it is sometimes a difficult matter.

Then add in the fact that personal issues, such as the death of my father earlier this year, can throw things for a loop, and make it difficult to do the work I need to do. Even someone else having personal issues can throw a spanner in the works; if someone with whom you need to iron out contract and payment details has to disappear and go deal, then suddenly you're in limbo.

These have been difficult times for many of us, with the promise (or threat) of further such times ahead. At least I don't have a job from which I can be laid off. But I'll admit, I'm anxious.
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