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Sometimes it all goes just right

I have conducted maybe a dozen or so interviews over the past couple of weeks on radio stations across the United States, talking about polar bears generally and of course The Great White Bear specifically.

Have all those interviews helped move the dial in terms of sales? I don't know; hard to say. I watch my Bookscan figures and realize I'm not exactly in Michael Crichton territory. But each day, I speak with someone new; each day, I am able to spread the word to listeners in a different part of the country. Most of the time, these interviews are pleasant and enjoyable; sometimes, though, they're more than that. On occasion, though, it just clicks: the host likes me, I like the host, the host either really enjoyed the book or is just fascinated by polar bears.

This morning, I had one of those rare but enjoyable episodes where everything clicked. I was speaking with Greg Marshall on the Morning Show at WMKT in Michigan and we just kept on talking. 45 minutes in all I was on the air.

I felt good afterward, knowing that a whole bunch of people were drinking their morning coffee, reading their newspaper, or driving to work, and wound up listening to two guys having a laid-back conversation about polar bears, Alaska, the Arctic, and a whole bunch of other things. Hopefully they enjoyed it. Maybe they learned something. Maybe they'll remember the conversation, at least for a little while.
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