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ch ch ch ch changes

I'm arriving at one of those natural delineation points that seems to define my life of late. I spent much of last year working on a consultancy for a new oceans communications initiative. When that ended, I became immersed in a pair of writing and editing projects, one for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, one for the Convention on Biological Diversity, that consumed me to a greater degree and for longer than I had anticipated. Both those projects are now extremely close to an end. So what next?

April will, I think, be to some extent an opportunity to breathe and regroup. I need to transcribe my Tombstone interviews from last year and sketch out the likely outline of my article in advance of my next trip there, in May. I plan also, finally, to complete a series of outline proposals for possible new book projects, talk them over with my agent, and move forward with a selection for my next title.

At the same time, I am hopeful of some kind of clarity regarding possible new (or renewed) consultancy work.

In my personal life, too, changes may await: the prospect of moving - to Alaska? elsewhere? - or perhaps welcoming my partner to DC. Much decision-making lies ahead.
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