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Kindle Fire. And Ashanti. A Story.

So I ordered a Kindle Fire HD a while back, and last Friday, Amazon sent me an email to say that it was on its way. Hooray! But when, the day before Thanksgiving, it had yet to arrive, my brow furrowed. I checked my order and clicked, "Track Package" and it turned out that it had arrived at the depot of some company called Lasership on Monday, but nothing had happened since.

I emailed Lasership on Friday, and they said, "Oh, it's out for delivery now, you'll get it today." It didn't arrive. So this morning I called them up and the woman who answered said, "I don't know why they told you that. The information I have says that the local delivery station does not have control of the package." This conjured up images in my head of a very angry Kindle galloping around the warehouse, but in fact meant, she continued, that they had lost it. So I got back in touch with Amazon, who are sending me a replacement. Hopefully not via Lasership. Lazyship, more like.

Anyway, the lady I spoke to at Lazyship, who was very nice, was called Ashanti. I thought, "What a nice name." Then I thought, "Whatever happened to that singer Ashanti? She was well fit." Which made me think of this video. The end.

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