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The Gore Interview

My Al Gore interview is up on the Discovery News website, in two blogs here and here.
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Talking with Gore

I've been meaning to wind down after finishing my book, and I will - very soon. First though, one big assignment: interviewing Al Gore for Discovery Channel News. I'll be talking to him about climate change (of course), the Copenhagen negotiations, and his new book, "Our Choice." That interview will be tomorrow, December 8; I'm looking forward to it but also a little anxious. And then afterward, I'm TOTALLY putting my feet up for a little while.  Read More 
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Twenty years ago, almost to the day, I moved to this city. I lived here from 1989 to 1994, when I worked for Greenpeace International, and then I left for the United States, where I have lived since. For the next month or so, I'm again living in Amsterdam,  Read More 
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Back in Virginia after an incredible few days on the Tundra Buggy Lodge. Where even to begin? The bears sparring? The mom and cubs? Watching the way one of the cubs interacted with a subadult male?  Read More 
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It's finally snowing. It started snowing last night: big, soft, beautiful flakes. It snowed through the night and into the morning. Churchill is transformed. erfect condition for heading out to Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point this afternoon.
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It is, relatively speaking, warm in Churchill, and the bears are, relatively speaking, few and far between. The past couple of days, the lack of snow combined with a fierce, howling wind to force the bears to seek cover in the seclusion of the willows. Read More 
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